What is a timeshare?

A timeshare is form of ownership or a right to the use of a property in an allotted period of time (typically one week). Timeshares are divided units into equal time intervals by resort developers. The divided units are then marketed and sold to a buyer who purchased a specific time of the year to occupy the resort unit….

What’s a timeshare interval?

timeshare interval is the period of time that is sold to the buyer of timeshare. Common timeshare interval is based on 1 week and thus referred to as “Week”. All of our listing has week number which you can refer to. The week number 1 through 52 is based on the week number of a year.

What are the different types of timeshare ownerships?

There are many types of owning a timeshare:

  • Fixed Week refers to a timeshare that is available to you on a specific week each year or every other year (depending on annual or bi-annual ownership).
  • Floating Week in contrast with fixed week is a type of ownership that allows you to reserve any week in a year to use your timeshare. This type of ownership is sometimes restricted by a season or commonly known as black out dates.
  • Point System. Owners of this type of timeshare purchase points for use as a currency to reserve timeshare units of varying sizes, different seasons and for varying lengths of time. These points are offered annually which can be redeemed for daily stays, weekend getaways, full week stays or for other vacation products like airfare, hotel stays, cruises and car rentals. The points you have will represent the quality of the unit you will have where more points will give you higher season ratings, better or larger accommodations and more trading power.
  • Annual and Bi-Annual Ownership. This type of ownership allows you to use your timeshare every year if its annual or every other year if it is Bi-Annual. In Bi-Annual ownership, you can either have Even Year or Odd Year which refers to the years ending in even or odd numbers for which you can use your timeshare.

What is Maintenance Fee?

These are fees associated with the maintenance, insurance, utility bills etc. of the property that you own that are collected by the homeowners association or resort management company. They vary depending on resort, size and type of unit.

Are there transfer fees for buying a timeshare?

Yes. These applies to resale timeshares. The amount varies by the resort.

Do I have to pay Property Taxes?

Yes. These may be included with the maintenance fee or billed separately depending on the management.

We are interested in buying a unit, how do we proceed?

It is very simple, just click on make an offer and fill out the form and click submit to send it to us. You may also call us at 1-800-858-9169. We will forward your contact information and offer to the owner(s) and they will communicate with you to finalize the transaction.

How long does it take to get my deed or copy of recorded ownership?

It takes 8-10 weeks typically to receive your deed. You will receive your deed after your contract has been paid in full and the transfer of ownership has been completed with all official recording agencies.