Rent a Timeshare? or Rent Your Timeshare Out?

Resort Condominium Vacations provides one of the most comprehensive and effective advertising and marketing campaigns for your timeshare. We will work with you to rent your timeshare property quickly and efficiently with our highly trained customer service professionals.

Transfer of Liability Waiver

RESERVATIONS – Upon mutual agreement of unit rental, a ____% deposit must be made to confirm your reservation. Balance is due upon written confirmation or no later than ________, 20__. Payment is to be made with a certified check/PayPal (or personal check if you accept that mode).
CANCELLATIONS – No cancellations allowed once a reservation has been made.
CHECK-IN/OUT – Check-in time is _____PM on arrival date of ________, 20___. Check-out time is _____AM on date of departure of _______, 20___. The agreed upon rental price for the above stated timeframe or week of __________, 20____ is $______ for unit number _________ at _________________ (resort).
RULES AND REGULATIONS – Upon check-in, you must present a credit card to the front desk personnel, just like when you rent a hotel room. YOU are responsible for any damage, loss or theft incurred while renting this property. Any damage, which is not considered normal wear and tear, loss or theft caused by you, the renter, may be charged to your credit card. In order to preserve the integrity of the unit, we ask that it be occupied in a quiet and dignified manner. As guests of _____ (resort), you are expected to respect the premises and its contents and guard against damage, loss or theft. You are expected to adhere to all of ____(resort) rules and regulations. The ____ (resort), its employees and property owners will not be held liable for any claims, suits, damages, costs, losses and/or expenses arising from injury to any person or property occurring on the premises resulting from/relating to rental of this property. The renter must be 21 years of age and agrees not to sub-rent this unit. The rental rights acquired from this rental agreement are non-transferrable.
TELEPHONE – All telephone calls, toll calls etc. will be billed to your credit card. NO PETS ALLOWED AT ______ (RESORT) AND NO SMOKING ALLOWED IN THE UNITS.
A copy of this rental agreement is hereby acknowledged by both parties.
Signature of renter
(Name, Address and Phone Number)
Signature of owner
(Name, Address and Phone Number)