Does International Vacation Resorts keep my information private?

Yes. We value our customers’ privacy and we will protect your information. We will never share your information without your consent.

How does selling my timeshare work?

Getting interested customers in your timeshare is simple. An interested customer will contact us through phone or our online forms. We forward their information to you so you can communicate with them directly.

How to complete a rent of my timeshare?

Check that your week is available and follow the renting policy of your resort. Have the renter sign a rental agreement with you after a price has been negotiated. Renters sometimes can be buyers so maintain a good communication with them.

How to complete a buy of my timeshare?

Ensure that all information regarding your timeshare are ready. Once you agree on a price, we suggest you complete the transaction with a contract in writing with the buying party.  Having a deposit from their part will ensure that they are committed to purchasing your timeshare (This deposit is best held in escrow by the Closing Company). Find out their method of paying your timeshare. Forward the contract to  the Closing Company and they will assit you in assigning the correct fees, preparing and recording the necessary documents, collecting funds and the transfer of the deed or membership.

Can I modify my timeshare details?

Yes, you may contact our customer service department regarding your changes. You may also e-mail us your modifications.